Mayuyu and Yukirin went to karaoke together for the first time!

Mayu: Okada-san, Emiri-san. Konnichiwa

All: We’re AKB48!

AKB48 and the long-established department store (Daimaru Matsuzakaya) collaborated in making osechi food (New Year food) and hold a launch event of it. We asked the members about happy things they did recently, and…

Yuki: I’m from the same gen as Mayu, and this year is our 8th year together since we joined AKB, but recently the two of us went to karaoke together for the first time.

Mayu: We sang only AKB songs. When we checked “History” record, all were AKB songs.

Yuki: All.

Mayu: Minor songs.

Yuki: Yes, AKB minor songs.

Q: Who was the one that invited to go to karaoke?

Mayu: Yukirin came up with the idea.

Yuki: It must be me. We came. At first, almost only Mayuyu sang. I invited her but I didn’t sing much…

Mayu: She didn’t sing at all. She was like “I don’t really feel like singing” and I thought “You invited me and why don’t you sing at all!?”. And then I did my best singing, and gradually she joined me. 

Yuki: Together we held a small AKB concert.

Mayu: It was fun.

All: Happy kuru!

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